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Facebook Reviews  *****

"Our son takes lessons and has learned a lot and really enjoys it."

"Taylor Gorman is awesome with my 7 year old teaching the guitar!!"

"Barret has been wonderful working with my daughter! She has special needs and when a previous music teacher was intimidated by her we moved to Barret's studio and he's been able to work with her when she's gotten frustrated, even dividing her lessons over two different instruments to keep her frustration down and focus up! All in all a great experience and I'm glad we were able to find him when we did!"

"I take drum lessons and Barret is awesome, he is professional on all levels, he is kind, patient, and a true musician, he will help you learn to read music, play by ear and correct your technique if needed, Barret always knows where you are in your training and will challenge you to the next level having built a foundation to get you there. I highly recommend him no matter what your age or skill level..remember your passion must exceed your fears....if you want to become well rounded musician take lessons here..."

"Insane Rhythm is awesome. Barret does a terrific job with my kids. I have a 15 year old learning piano there and my 12 year old is learning guitar. Recently my 6 year old tried the drums out and he loved it so it looks like I will have three kids taking lessons with Barret. This is just fine with me, Barret has the best prices I have found in Chattanooga."

Google Reviews  *****

"Great instructor!"

"Wow, Barret is great, patient and really wants you to do your best!!!
Great teacher, really knows his stuff, makes everything easier to understand. I would definitely recommend taking lessons with Barret."

"This entire group makes it clear that they love music and they really enjoy teaching and sharing it with others.
Taylor has been amazing with my son. He’s very enthusiastic and encouraging during his lessons.
They are all easy to reach and their communication is top notch when it comes to what they work on.
My son actually practices on his own every day! Top notch organization!!"

"Barret is a great teacher! He is patient and very knowledgeable of MANY different music theories. My 7 year old son Tomas really enjoys taking music lessons from him. We highly recommend him."

Yelp Reviews  *****

"Learning guitar is something I've always wanted to do. Barret gave me the confidence to try it out. He really makes learning easy. I feel like my lessons are customized just for me. He makes learning so fun!"

"Taylor is an incredible teacher! He makes my son feel super at ease. 
You can hear that he really enjoys music and the he really enjoys teaching. 
Barrett is great to deal with and the communication all around has been excellent!
5+++ stars!!"

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