Frequently asked questions

How much are your music lessons?

$30 per min lesson. $120 a month (4 30 min lessons)

Can a student take more than just one lesson per week?

Students can come up to twice a week if they want to and it is available.

Why should I take music lessons with Insane Rhythm?

Insane Rhythm is a collection of some of the most talented and fun music educators in Chattanooga, TN! Our instructors make each lesson fun while providing professional quality music education that inturn motivates each student want to come back the next week ready to learn more. Insane Rhythm instructors cater to each students goals, and make sure each student feels they understand the material and can use it in their own musical voice.

Do you have any reviews or testimonies?

Yes, on Google, facebook, Thumbtack, and

What ages are accepted?

Insane Rhythm welcomes any age of student from 6 to elderly! A gift of music should be experienced at any age, and our instructors understand how to best provide to each indivudal students learning.

What kinds of music can I learn?

Anything from Rock n Roll, country, pop, to classical. Insane Rhythm listens to what each student is interested in and caters learning towards what piece or song that student wants to learn.

Where are you located?

Insane Rhythm is on 4706 Brainerd Road on the same side of the road as the Burger King, and Barger Academy Elementary School.

Is there a contract?

Nope, No contract! Insane Rhythm is confident that each student will enjoy their first lesson and will want to come back! If not, thats ok as well. Each student pays by the lesson, but can also choose to pay monthly.

How can I easily schedule my first lesson?

Call or Text: 423-762-0248

What are we doing because of Covid 19?

All instructors will wear a masks, students/parents can if they chose to but dont have to. The studio is cleaned on a regular basis. We try to stay away from the student at least 6 feet during lesson. We will never come to the studio to teach if we have any symptoms what-so-ever. And expect the same out of our students and parents. We offer Online lessons through Facetime, skype, zoom, etc. When you schedule just pick which option works best for you; Online or In-studio. All considerations are being taken care of for the comfort or our students and parents if there is any other considerations you might want to take place, just let us know.