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Learn How to Listen


All of Insane Rhythm's students will learn to listen to music as a musician does. They will understand relationships between notes, chords, and how different instruments work together to create harmony, melody, rhythm, and the overall the form of any piece of music.

Learn How to Read


Insane Rhythm's students will all be introduced to musical notation, will learn how to read rhythms and pitches, and overall will understand musical patterns. The practice of reading music results as a powerful language. A langauge can then be transfered to any other instrument.

Learn How to Create


The end result is a independent musician whom knows how to read, write, play, and create his/ or her own music! Making music independently throughout any instrument should be the goal. Insane Rhythm will give each student the tools and the student will create his/her own music!



Learn Guitar Chattanooga TN
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