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Drum Lessons Chattanooga TN

Drum set / Concert Snare

Students will learn:


Basic to Advanced Grooves         How to read and compose music

Basic to Advanced Fills                 Different stylistic approaches (Jazz, shuffle, latin)

Ear Training                                    Techniques and Unique Skills

How to solo                                    How to play their favorite songs

Guitar Lessons Chattanooga TN

Acoustic/ Electric Guitar

Students will learn:

All  Major and Minor Open Chords    Different stylistic Approaches

Different Scales                                     Popular Riffs and Licks

How to read music/tabulature            Music Theory        

How to play their favorite songs!        Techinques and Skills

Piano Lessons Chattanooga TN


Students will learn:

Technique and fingerings              How to play harmony and melody

All major and minor scales            How to compose/ Music Theory

How to read music                          How to sing and play

How to play their favorite songs!  Independence between hands


Students will learn:

Different Styles and Techniques

How to gain overall control of their voice

Train their pitch/ timbre/ vowels

Learn how to sing and recognize Major and Minor Scales and intervals

Their favorite songs and singers styles and techniques

Song Writing/ Composition

Students will learn:

How harmony and melody work together

How chords function in a progression

Creating a theme and a underling unity

How to blend lyrics melody and phrasing

To use rhythm to push and pull the song forward

When to use harmony in vocals

How to balance all the instruments together

How to record a demo

Bass Lessons Chattanooga TN


Students will Learn:

Their favorite bass lines!                           

Techniques and Skills                    

How to read music/tabulature                  

Music Theory and how bass functions 

Different stylistic approaches

and much more


Students will Learn:

All major and minor chords

Their favorite songs!                           

Techniques and Skills                    

How to read music/tabulature  

Strumming Patterns              

How to Sing and play

and much more

Music Theory Tutoring

Students will Learn:

What a Triad, Seventh or Extended chord is

How to build a chord

How to harmonize a melody with a chord progression

Major and Minor keys

Part Writing

Notation and Composition

Help with Music Theory Homework

How to Read and Write Rhythms

How to Analyze Chord Progressions

Keyboard Mallet Percussion

Students will Learn:

Proper Technique and sticking

All Major and Minor scales and exercises

How to read sheet music and play

How to play by ear

Rolls and other playing techniques

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