Elena Jobe

Professional Classical Pianist

Elena received a Doctorate Degree in Music from Russia in Piano performance and teaching. She has more than 20 years of teaching experience. Teaches all levels: from Beginners to Advanced; Children and Adults. Teaches a wide range of different musical styles, variety of piano techniques: reading, theory, creating, listening, performing. Her teaching philosophy:


"Music is a Language! - Great field of Expression of human feelings! It is my goal to develop in each of my student a comprehensive understanding of music, that enables them to play the piano with utmost enjoyment, expression and musicality, sharing stories through music making. My focus is on developing artistry, individual creativity, teaching from the earliest stages how to make a piece of music sound communicative and beautiful through special techniques and expressions."


Monday-Friday   1:00-7:00

​Saturday           11:00-3:30

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4706 Brainerd Rd Suite #110

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